Golden West Historic Display Advisory Commitee

August 26, 2008
As you know, the Golden West building is one of the oldest remaining landmarks of African American history in Portland. Central City Concern purchased and renovated the building in 1989, and recently took full ownership. For the past 18 years, the Golden West has served countless homeless and mentally ill people. A year ago CCC undertook a number of renovations to the building. We earmarked $4000 to restore the historic display that faces Everett Street sidewalks. When the Visions in Action grant program became known, CCC contacted Old Town History Project Director Jackie Peterson who helped us put together an application. In June, CCC received a $9250 VIA grant. The combined funds, plus in-kind labor contributions primarily by CCC, will allow us to restore and improve the exhibit panels and to also add two new display windows on the Broadway side of the building. The major goal is to convey the vibrancy of the African American neighborhood around the Golden West in the early part of the 20th century.

We are honored to invite you to serve on an Advisory Committee for this project restoring and expanding the historic display. The Advisory Committee will be a diverse group of approximately 10 persons with representation from the African American community, from the local neighborhood, and from CCC. Those invited include:

Richard Harris, Advisory Committee=project director-Executive Director Emeritus of CCC
Jackie Peterson, PhD, Advisory Committee=project historian and curator-Historian specializing in America’s social and Multi-Ethnic history. Curator for multiple exhibits. Founder of the Old Town History Project.
Cathy Galbraith, Advisory Committee=project historical consultant-Director of the Bosco Milligan foundation for architectural preservation; knowledgeable about African American history in Portland.
Bing Sheldon, Advisory Committee=SERA is donating design services-Principal with SERA Architects and board member of the Old Town History Project.
Jennifer Gates, Advisory Committee=administrative project manager for the project-CCC housing development coordinator.
Dick Bogle, Advisory Committee=His grandfather ran the barber shop at the Golden West Hotel in its heyday. The barber’s daughter-in-law, Katherine Bogle, was the prime author of the original historic display.
Darrell Millner, PhD, Advisory Committee=Professor of history at PSU, Black Studies Dept. with specialty in African American history.
Billy Anfield, Advisory Committee=CCC WorkForce Employment Mentor; his forbearers lived in the neighborhood of the Golden West Hotel.
Bill Hart, Advisory Committee=Principal with Carlton Hart Architects which did renovation work on the Golden West recently.
Will Bennett, Advisory Committee=Community Practitioner. His “Golden West Project” is one of the ‘Partners and Friends’ of the City of Portland’s Vision-Into-Action (VIA) program which awarded us a grant.
Michael Chappie Grice, Advisory Committee=Co-Founder of World Arts Foundation Inc. Helped create the original historic display at the Golden West Hotel in 1990.
As a volunteer for this committee, we hope you’ll do the following:
*Attend two meetings to review the proposed content of the historic display;
*Help make the ‘unveiling’ event a success;
*Help publicize the exhibit to schools, history groups, community groups, etc.

Please confirm your willingness to serve on this committee. Our first meeting will be late September or early October. Please let us know if there are time you’d be unavailable to meet.
Richard L. Harris & Jennifer Gates
Central City Concern

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Subject: RE: Need any assistance?
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 20:44:04 -0700
From: Jackie <>

Will, the best help you can be to me as the professional historian on the project is as a member of the advisory committee which will meet in a few weeks now. I do not have a date for that meeting, but I know that Jennifer is working on it. While historians tend to work alone rather than by committee, they do rely on expert advice and that is what I expect to get from the committee which is composed of other scholars and community leaders with a long association with the Golden West. I know that once the exhibit is in production there will be a need for planning for the opening, publicity, and community and educational outreach. The Golden West project has long been involved in the latter, and I think you should ask Jennifer or Richard about specific things that you could be doing. Also, since this is a Central City Concern project and grant, I will be turning over the materials I generate for the exhibit to them, but I am sure they will make them available to the Golden West project as well. I am looking forward to your feedback and that of other advisory committee members at the upcoming meeting.

As for the Old Town History Project, I will put your email on our mailing list and keep you posted about upcoming events. Unfortunately, we haven’t been very active in the last year or so, largely because I have been very busy with several book an exhibit projects. This should change when I retire in a year and a half from now.



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Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2008 2:50 PM
To: Jackie Peterson, Dr.
Cc: Karyn Hanson
Subject: Need any assistance?

Jackie =
How you be?
Golden West Project would like to be able to do some paid or not paid work for you in and around the Display Project.
Golden West Project also has desire to join Old town History Project mainly because we have sight on Union Station (been in communication with PDC on this matter) and to do follow-ups regarding the Golden West Hotel and the areas close to it.
let me know how you feel about this…
will b.


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2 Responses to Golden West Historic Display Advisory Commitee

  1. Brian says:

    any updates?

  2. willbe1960 says:

    Brian =
    Good question…No updates…
    will b.

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