Central City Concern, a.k.a Central City Control

Will Bennett is now back in association with the committee….
will b.
Thank you for your call Jennifer,
I am afraid I am running too busy today. But I will express that I am very disappointed that Will has had the experience that has led to his decision. My own take is that there seems to be a cultural disconnect. I hope that with the number of great folks that have been invited to give input to this project, this will be remedied. Will is a collaborator and quite frankly gives very little credence to the idea that those who own the “stuff” are in authority. This is African American history and CCC has the opportunity to help restore what has been in their care and neglected for some time. Certainly the tie between honoring ACCURATE history and promoting mental health and recovery is recognized by CCC. Can you also navigate this project process in a way that encourages a collaborative approach to creativity and remains committed to giving appropriate recognition?
I believe you can successfully partner with your advisory committee to mobilize the tremendous creativity and intelligence the project has assembled. The project being the entire collection of energy and heart that lead to the grant application being approved.
I also hope you will ask Will to reconsider. He told me that he thought everyone needed to have a meal together. There is wisdom in that. This is too important.
Thanks for asking for my input.
Karyn Hanson


Please don’t fall on your sword over details. You have made this project happen & your involvement is very important to me and others. I don’t like committees, either. For the sake of the so-important history, I hope you will hang in there.

Thanks very much and my great compliments on your tenacity (often a rare quality) –

Cathy Galbraith


Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 9:28 AM
Cc: Jennifer Gates; ‘Avel Gordly, Sen’; ‘Richard Harris’; ‘Jackie Peterson, Dr.’; ‘Cathy Galbraith’; ‘Dick Bogle’; ‘Darrell Millner, Dr.’; hart@chapc.com; bings@serapdx.com; banfield@centralcityconcern.org; mcg@nothingbutquality.com; ‘Stephanie D. Stephens (Planning)’; ‘Cassie Cohen (Planning)’; Sylvia E Welch; Nicholas T. Starin (Planning); Liza Mickle (Planning); Jason Renaud; Karyn Hanson
Subject: Re: Golden West Historic Display Advisory Committee



As this story unfolds and as you will see that there’s a need for better Ethnic History-Keeping—history of the Golden West Historic Display. This story will conclude with why Central City Concern/Control became aware that there was a grant to be had, and why Golden West Project reluctantly brought the proposal to them. Bear with me….

When I began the Golden West Project in Feb. 2006 I was then contacted my City Planning they were excited that I was concerning myself with matters of Old Town’s African-American History, For no one else was or had been in quite awhile. I knew I was on the right track. SEE ATTACH…..

Please note I was being put off my CCC with promising that they were going to be doing something very, very, very soon. 2 1/2 years I was being told this in their typical type of jargon ( have all the emails to this effect). The display itself being in neglect for nearly 18 years. I blame both CCC & the African-American Community for this.
Stay Tuned….

will b.

Jennifer Gates wrote:

Will – We are sorry to hear that you are resigning from the Advisory Committee. We’re glad to hear your interest and support of the project will continue. You can always be proud of being the earliest and foremost person with the vision that the display could be expanded and improved. Please keep us posted and stay in touch.

Jennifer Gates – Housing Development Coordinator – Central City Concern
503-525-8483 ext 208 fax: 503-228-1696 JGates@centralcityconcern.org

Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 1:19 AM
Cc: Avel Gordly, Sen; Jennifer Gates; ‘Richard Harris’; ‘Jackie Peterson, Dr.’; ‘Cathy Galbraith’; ‘Dick Bogle’; ‘Darrell Millner, Dr.’; hart@chapc.com; bings@serapdx.com; banfield@centralcityconcern.org; mcg@nothingbutquality.com; Stephanie D. Stephens (Planning); Cassie Cohen (Planning)
Subject: Golden West Historic Display Advisory Committee


Central City Concern, a.k.a Central City Control =
I no longer wish for me, my name, nor Golden West Project to be associated with the Golden West Historic Display Advisory Committee. I still do support the project but I must do it in my own ways & my own methods….
If there’s need for more of the whys and the how comes let me know….
I don’t like Committees & at times don’t like to even hear the word Committees
will b.


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-preserves, perpetuates, promotes and integrates african-american heritage & culture in the pacific northwest-

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