Jefferson received a $5000 grant for restoring the Jefferson Artworks


Two pieces of news today from Jefferson.

1. Jefferson received a $5000 grant for restoring the Jefferson

Artworks. This grant comes from the Autzen Foundation. The money is

banked in Jefferson’s accounts and is ready for spending on restoring

Jefferson’s artwork. I’ve asked Nina Olsson to direct the project

from here on, so Nina and her colleagues can make priorities. Go

Friends of Art in the Schools!

2. A TV producer contacted Jefferson today. I talked with him

briefly. He’s interested in the Jefferson Artworks but mostly in the

artist below. Ginny, I thought you might know this artist and be able

to offer advice about where to hunt.Thanks!

Jason Renaud
Jefferson Artworks
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Renato Rodriguez <>
Date: Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 5:21 PM
Subject: WPA artist
Hi Jason,

Thanks for speaking with me today. The artist who I am trying to find
out more about is an African American woman named Thelma Johnson
Streat. She graduated from Washington HS in Portland in 1932. She
became a WPA artist and worked with Diego Rivera in San Francisco.

You can see a bio here:

I’ll be in touch,

Renato Rodriguez
Associate Producer

History Detectives
Oregon Public Broadcasting
7140 SW Macadam Ave.
Portland, OR 97219

Direct: 503-445-1850
Fax: 503-293-1970

Visti the History Detectives online at:


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