Effects of Slavery

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome


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3 Responses to Effects of Slavery

  1. gina says:

    It is incomprehensible how many people of different cultures were destroyed by the “white” man! It has not stopped to this day. Lets not forget what happened to Africans, but to the American Indians, Armenians, Mayans, etc.

    We took their land, homes, separated and murdered families and continue to see the result of this to this day.

    Stop the wars and racism! We need peace, for our children and our survival as humankind.

  2. btx3 says:

    As a amateur historian doing some work in Virginia, I love your site.

    The deniers are still actively working here in Virginia, with the latest salvo from a group attempting to discredit the DNA evidence that Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings indeed had a long term relationship resulting in several children –


  3. willbe1960 says:

    Virginia =
    Grateful for your thoughtful interests in our issue…
    “Keep up Da Good Work”

    Golden West Project
    Will Bennett
    will b.

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