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Article from The Skanner: As Website Lacked Black History, Activists Stepped in to Fill the Gap

Portland 1969 Race Riots
Author:  Felicia Williams Grade(s):  9-12 Attachment Size …Lesson plan – admin – 04/20/2009 – 12:45pm – 0 comments – 1 attachment

Thinking critically about race in Oregon’s history
Author:  Felicia Williams Grade(s):  9-12 Attachment Size …Lesson plan – admin – 04/20/2009 – 12:45pm – 0 comments – 1 attachment

Housing Restrictions and Urban Renewal
Author:  Felicia Williams Grade(s):  9-12 Attachment Size …Lesson plan – admin – 04/20/2009 – 12:44pm – 0 comments – 1 attachment

– preserves, perpetuates, promotes and integrates African American heritage & culture in the pacific northwest

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From: Melisa J. McDonald <>
‘WILL BENNETT’ <GOLDEN-WEST-PROJECT@AFRICAN-AMERICAN-HISTORICAL-DISTRICT.COM>, ‘Earl Blumenauer’ <>, ‘Sam Adams, Mayor’ <>, ‘Nick Fish, Comm.’ <>, ‘Amanda Fritz, Comm.’ <>, ‘Randy Leonard, Comm.’ <>, ‘Dan Saltzman, Comm.’ <>, ‘Dora Asana Perry’ <>, ‘Nicholas T. Starin (Planning)’ <>, ‘”Stephanie D. Stephens (Planning)” s’ <>, ‘Sylvia E. Welch’ <>, ‘Preston Pulliams, Dr.’ <>, ‘Sheila Martin’ <>, <>, ‘reardonm’ <>, ‘Dr. Darrell Millner’ <>, ‘Dalton Miller-Jones’ <>, <>, <>, ‘Kevin Kecskes’ <>, ‘Marvin A Kaiser’ <>, ‘Jan Swae’ <>, ‘Pauline Jivanjee’ <>, ‘Janet Hammer, Ph.D.’ <>, <>, ‘Ginny Peckinpaugh’ <>, ‘Felicia Williams’ <>, <>, ‘Black Cultural Affairs, PSU’ <>, ‘Katrine Barber’ <>, <>, ‘Carl Abbott, Dr.’ <>, ‘Matthew Ross’ <>, ‘Rachel Rustad’ <>, ‘Michael Grice’ <>, ‘Ken Berry’ <>, ‘Michael Chappie Grice’ <>
‘derry jackson’ <>, ‘Barbara O’Hare Walker’ <>, ‘William Mcclendon’ <>, ‘Toni Weil’ <>, ‘Thomas Trosko’ <>, ‘Carole Smith’ <>, ‘PPS Board of Education’ <>, ‘Rick La Greide’ <>, ‘Marta Repollet’ <>, ‘Rachel Draper’ <>, ‘Robb Cowie’ <>, ‘Paul Barkett’ <>, ‘Mike Sweeney’ <>, ‘Marcia Arganbright’ <>, ‘Jack Curry’ <>, ‘Darryl Miles’ <>, ‘Christopher Snyder’ <>, ‘Colleen Loprinzi’ <>, ‘Carolyn M. Leonard’ <>, ‘Cynthia V. Harris, Ed.D.’ <>, ‘Rachel Rustad’ <>, <>, <>
<49E7C10F.8040008@GMAIL.COM> <011401c9bfb3$c9364cc0$5ba2e640$> <49E9425F.4020509@AFRICAN-AMERICAN-HISTORICAL-DISTRICT.COM>

Good morning all. I would like to thank you for helping to spread the word and encouraging your fellow Oregonians to share your passion, enthusiasm, and tenacity for cultural and ethnic diversity.  Creating a legacy of resources by raising awareness of existing opportunities is truly a rewarding endeavor. We love to use the “do it for Oregon’s birthday” line to give people that extra bit of encouragement. Again, THANK YOU!

Article from The Skanner: As Website Lacked Black History, Activists Stepped in to Fill the Gap

Warmest Regards,

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Melisa J. McDonald
503.445.7120 office
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 8:01 PM
To: Melisa J. McDonald; Earl Blumenauer; Sam Adams, Mayor; Nick Fish, Comm.; Amanda Fritz, Comm.; Randy Leonard, Comm.; Dan Saltzman, Comm.; Dora Asana Perry; Nicholas T. Starin (Planning); “Stephanie D. Stephens (Planning)” s; Sylvia E. Welch; Preston Pulliams, Dr.; Sheila Martin;; reardonm; Dr. Darrell Millner; Dalton Miller-Jones;;; Kevin Kecskes; Marvin A Kaiser; Jan Swae; Pauline Jivanjee; Janet Hammer, Ph.D.;; Ginny Peckinpaugh; Felicia Williams;; Black Cultural Affairs, PSU; Katrine Barber;; Carl Abbott, Dr.; Matthew Ross; Rachel Rustad; Michael Grice; Ken Berry; Michael Chappie Grice
Cc: ‘derry jackson’; ‘Barbara O’Hare Walker’; William Mcclendon; Toni Weil; Thomas Trosko; Carole Smith; PPS Board of Education; Rick La Greide; Marta Repollet; Rachel Draper; Robb Cowie; Paul Barkett; Mike Sweeney; Marcia Arganbright; Jack Curry; Darryl Miles; Christopher Snyder; Colleen Loprinzi; Carolyn M. Leonard; Cynthia V. Harris, Ed.D.; Rachel Rustad
Subject: WILL BENNETT = Re: [oaba-b] Re: [Fwd: Celebrating Oregon’s Heritage?]]
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Regarding her email message please let each of us contact her…please

The voice message she(ex.Dir.oregon150)lets me know there’s a need for cultural/ethnic diversity…

will b.

“Promote historical understanding”

Melisa J. McDonald wrote:

Hi Mr. Bennett. I left a voice message at the number listed in the bottom of the email. It sounds like you have some great ideas for helping make the celebration and commemoration even better and I think there’s a wonderful opportunity for us to talk.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you at your convenience –


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Melisa J. McDonald
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503.367.1487 cell

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Oregon150 =
Please respond to this message…
will b.

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Subject: RE: [oaba-b] Re: [Fwd: Celebrating Oregon’s Heritage?]
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 14:56:58 -0700
From: SMITH Susanne <>
References: <C6CB341AA8C9864D8EC69C75D20FD1CB0184CC20C2@ode-mail>

Mr.. Jackson —

Thank you for writing Superintendent Castillo regarding the OR 150 lesson plan project. I am responding on her behalf.

  1. I’ve included a link with more details regarding the process:

The Superintendent encouraged educators to submit lesson plans that went beyond the traditional Lewis & Clark type studies. You’ll notice if you click on the ODE “topic examples” link that Vanport was one of the suggested topics we hoped would be submitted:

  1. The specific individuals or groups actually included in instruction is often dependent upon the interest and background of the classroom teacher.

I encourage you to explore the Oregon 150 website at: I think you might find the Oregon Stories project of particular interest. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the OR 150 lesson plan project.

Best regards,

Susanne Smith
Communications Officer | Office of the Superintendent | Oregon Department of Education
P: 503.947.5637 | C: 503.730.7041 | E: |

Read The Superintendent’s Pipeline and the Weekly Update to stay informed.

From: derry jackson []
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 9:40 AM
To: CASTILLO Superintendent
Subject: FW: [oaba-b] Re: [Fwd: Celebrating Oregon’s Heritage?]

Please refer to my comments below.

Derry Jackson

From: [] On Behalf Of derry jackson
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 9:52 PM
To: ‘Carolyn Leonard’; ‘WILL BENNETT’
Subject: RE: [oaba-b] Re: [Fwd: Celebrating Oregon’s Heritage?]

It is pathetic.  I would be surprised if you find a single reference to what Oregon did to or for black people, good, bad or indifferent.  Perhaps we should not be surprise.  It would appear from the curriculum presented, that blacks still have not arrived to Oregon.  A damn shame, that’s what you could tell whomever for me, a waste of my precious time.  The material is woefully incomplete.  Vanport, its flood, among others for example, should have a prominent place in the program.  Kaiser shipyards, hopefully, is mentioned somewhere.  But I have my doubts.


From: [] On Behalf Of Carolyn Leonard
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 11:06 AM
Subject: [oaba-b] Re: [Fwd: Celebrating Oregon’s Heritage?]

Thanks for your comment.  I would like for others to take a look and respond.  This is 2009.  Does this piece give everyone a good sense of history?  Is it appropriate to consider that things are only discovered when Europeans are involved?  Is the language and format respectful and inclusive?  Think about it and let’s let Susan Castillo know what Oregonians from all different backgrounds and  perspectives think.  cml

Carolyn M. Leonard,
Compliance Officer
Portland Public Schools
telephone: 503-916-3183
fax: 503-916-3404

Confidentiality Notice: This email message may contain confidential and
privileged information.  If you have received this message by mistake,
please notify me immediately by replying to this message and do not review,
disclose, copy or distribute it.  Thank you.


All Y’all =

??? Celebrating Oregon’s Heritage ???

I have some obvious concerns about African-American involvement or maybe I’m missing something, if so let me know…

will b.


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