Golden West Hotel Historic Display


The woman’s name in black is Willie Richardson, from Salem.  The woman on the left, is Jodi Cheever from Portland
The woman’s name in black is Willie Richardson, from Salem. The woman on the left, is Jodi Cheever from Portland. -by Photo by Brian Stimson

Anthony I. Allen never knew W.D. Allen, his grandfather and the original owner of the Golden West Hotel, but he knows all the stories. From the time he was a child growing up in Los Angeles, Anthony Allen learned all about Portland’s historic Black hotel — located at 7th and Broadway Downtown — one of the only formal lodging houses in town that catered to African Americans in the first few decades of the 20th century.      

On Oct. 22, Allen and many others – including PSU Black Studies Professor Dr. Darrell Millner, W.D. Allen’s great-granddaughter Nicole Allen, City Commissioner Randy Leonard — gathered at Carlton Hart Architects to celebrate the unveiling of the new Golden West Historical Display. Visible from the street, the display features photos, historical descriptions and even an audio guide to what was once the center of African American culture in Portland.     

Pictured above is Anthony I. Allen (right), Bill Hart of Carlton Hart Architects (center), who helped design the panels, and a supporter at Thursday’s event on 10.22.09.     

Downtown library goes green with new ecoroof (PDF)   


>> Greetings Everyone: I am using this earlier email to get all of your email addresses. GREAT event on Thursday & many thanks to EV for wonderful coordination & all of you great speakers. It was a grand success with so much positive energy in Bill’s office (major thanks to Bill & Carleton-Hart for hosting.     


Will – we missed you terribly and you got the recognition that you deserve! I hope you are feeling better.     

EV – please extend thanks to Robert from all of us, and the rest of the CC team. It was an unforgettable evening all around and first rate, from start to finish.Thanks again –Cathy Galbraith     


Bosco-Milligan Foundation     


Will, This would not have happened without your perseverance and dedication. The exhibit does a great job telling the story of the Golden West and the broader historical context of the African-American experience in Portland in the early 20th century. Thanks.
¨ Nicholas T. Starin, City Planner


¨ Historic Resources Program & Central Portland Team
¨ Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability
¨  1900 SW 4th Avenue, Ste. 7100
¨ Portland OR 97201-5380      



Will – I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well, we missed you at the Golden West exhibit celebration last night. It was a great event with over 160 people there and wonderful energy. The speeches and music went well and people were mingling, looking at the exhibit, and having a good time. You were specifically thanked by Ed Blackburn and Jackie Peterson for all your work making the project happen. And now the exhibit is up on the building for a long time to come, for anyone to see and hear. Thanks for your major role in moving this all forward and making it happen. – EV      

E.V. Armitage
Executive Coordinator
Central City Concern
232 NW Sixth Avenue
Portland, OR  97209
Direct 503-200-3885
Main 503-294-1681
Fax 503-294-4321


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You’re most welcome, Will.

Yes, I’m sorry to have missed you too.  I understood that you weren’t feeling well and so didn’t attend – but I’m sure you’ve heard from others that it was an exciting and well-attended event.  I hope you’re feeling much better by now.

Meeky Blizzard
Advisor for Livable Communities
Congressman Earl Blumenauer




(~_~)(~_~)(~_~)(~_~)(~_~)(~_~)(~_~)(~_~)(~_~)(~_~) wrote: Hi Will, There was a photographer from the Oregonian there and I know that Michael Chappie Grice also took a lot of pictures. It was a fantastic evening and the only thing missing was you. Congratulations!

Felicia Williams


Will, It was a very moving and impactful experience for me and my wife to learn more about Blacks in Portland. We are close friends with Dick and Nola Bogle. Thanks for the picture and please keep me on your mailing list for any future events. Best Wishes, George      

George E. Hocker, Jr.
Public Advocate
Office of Commissioner Nick Fish
1221 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 823-3603
Fax (503) 823-3596
photo below: George E. Hocker Jr.& Marcia Hocker  listening to  “Ragtime”


George E. Hocker & His Wife @Unveiling      

More “Unveiling” Photos |  New Golden West Historical Display      

unveiling stuff-10-22-09_small-002
Golden West Project: through continuing research


Amateur Historian Pushes Behind the Scenes History      

Black History Film “Local Color” Re-released      

Invitation: African-American Historic Exhibit unveiling October-22nd, 2009



On behalf of the City of Portland Black History Month Committee



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3 Responses to Golden West Hotel Historic Display

  1. Liz Fouther-Branch says:

    Thanks Will and the rest for recognizing this historical site. The “Golden West,” served has a residence for railroad workers like my grandfather George H. Wood, waiter and many others in the early 1920’s.

  2. Donna Lee Delk says:

    Amazing story thank you for sharing!

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