PSU | Capstone Course | Felicia Williams | fwilliam@pdx.edu
PSU | Capstone Course: Fall Term 2009 Civil Rights Movement in Portland
Pdx Civil-Rights

We had to cut the documentary portion of the course due to time constraints, but we are still interviewing and creating an archive. If you know someone who is interested in filming a documentary, we’ve collected a lot of great stories and there are a lot of people who would love to watch it!
The project needs people to tell their stories about living in Portland
Real Oral Interviews | Real PSU Students
Felicia Williams, fwilliam@pdx.edu

The Civil Rights movement changed the way people thought about race and equal opportunity in America. This course will examine how the movement happened in Portland as students record oral histories from African Americans who fought for Civil Rights in Oregon. The interviews will then be digitized and uploaded to the Internet and students will use photographs and clips from the interviews to create a video documentary that can be used publicly.


PSU Portland Civil Rights Project documentary script- The Future of the Albina Community- part 2

Department of Education Website Lacked Black History

PSU Portland Civil Rights Project- Portland African American History and the Making of Portland’s Albina Neighborhood- part 1


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