Michael “Chappie” Grice, Awarded The National Human & Civil Rights Trent Council Award

Source: Kenneth W. Berry’s Facebook 2010/07
Friends, We, in the company of World Arts Foundation, Inc., are delighted to announce that our friend, Michael “Chappie” Grice, will be awarded the national Human & Civil Rights Trent Council Award on Friday, July 2, in New Orleans. A seasoned teacher and administrator for more than 40 years, many feel Mr. Grice is deserving. Join me in thanking Michael “Chappie” Grice for his contributions and celebrating his recognition. When asked about the award, Mr. Grice is quick to acknowledge his mentors and teachers, especially his dad. He is just a s quick to acknowledge his friends and family who support his work. Known for leadership and compassion for youth, he is writing his first teacher education textbook “Hustlin’ Backwards: Precisely What Not To Do In Public Education and Why.” His two earlier documentary films were screened in the San Francisco Black Film Festival. This year, in addition to teaching mathematics through aviation and airway science for middle school youngsters, he will produce the Youth Film component of the Portland African American Film Festival in November. With his shrinking leisure time, he likes to golf and spend time with his two “granboys.” Of course, planning for the next “Keep Alive the Dream” MLK, Jr. Tribute starts about now. Looking ahead, Mr. Grice expects World Arts Foundation, Inc. to collaborate with others, convert the twenty-five plus years successful MLK, Jr. Tributes, and myriad effective practices, to supply more answers and more effective strategies for teachers, families, and youth in public education. We invite you to see the new intersection at www.wafinc.org. World Arts Foundation, Inc. is… “Working hard at the intersection of education and the arts.”
Kate Lore I just happened to be at the NEA Human & Civil Rights Awards dinner in New Orleans dinner last Friday when Chappie received this award. I was dumbfounded by the fact that I had never met this fellow Portlander. I am so impressed by what he’s been doing!
Michael Morris Love you michael keep up all that you do…. Were proud of you!
Jada Sims Congratulations Mr. Grice. Well deserved.
Kevin Menten Congrats Chappie! proud of you FIL
Tamisha White It feels good to have a cousin that has done so much for our educational system. Much love Chappie!!!!
Joe Bean Keller Proud of you Chappie, and you deserve it and many more, Cold one is on me!!!!!!!!!
Danny A Bell Then I am assuming you gentlemen will be joining the Southen Christian Leadership Conferences Portland Chapter. Since what Dr King is central so what you in the community. Job well done. One can not argue with success. Can one? Dan Bell, President, Portland ChapterSothen Christian leadership Confernece
Roslyn Wilder Congrads to you Sir.Grice””KEEP LIVING THE DREAM”
Jomo D. M. Greenidge CHAP…keep on, keep on.
Stephania Hurst What a deserved honor Congrats !!
Robin Ace Congratulations Chappie You deserve this award. On top of that r u jw Friday Joe Bean Ken Berry Geoffrey Brooks still trying to get me on sei full time come fall? Maybe this is not the right time to ask but I did anyway
J.W. Friday My Mentor, Brother and Friend. Congrats 12th Street!
Darlene Warren CONGRATULATIONS! Such an honor.
Mary Harvey Michael, a well deserved honor. Congratulations.Waiting for the Film Festival in November.
Tamara Monique Walker CONGRATULATIONS!! SIR MICHAEL..No matter what we put our minds to if we have dedication, perseverance, compassion, wisdom, & knowledge, we can be that change we want to see, to make a difference in someone’s life, this community, and this world..thanks for being that one..Keeping Hope Alive!!
Clarence W Harper Jr Congratulations Brother Michael Grice. You Have Truly Earned This Award. We Are Extremely Proud of Your Accomplishments.

Berry-Grice MLK 2009 Appreciation Banquet for Volunteers & Staff @ Concordia University


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