Golden West Project

source: City of Portland, Oregon

Kathryn Hall Bogle


In nineteen eighty-nine, Bogle and other members of the African American community formed a group called “The Friends of the Golden West” to be involved in the renovation of the Golden West Hotel in northwest Portland. The building restoration was already underway, but “The Friends of the Golden West” filled out the paperwork for it to be listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The Golden West Hotel is important to the community because it provided rooms until the nineteen thirties for African Americans who were traveling on their way to jobs as railroad or ship workers. At this time in Portland, it was difficult for African Americans to find lodging. The hotel also served as a place for local families to gather on Sunday afternoons.


source: City of Portland, Oregon

Will Bennett
will b.

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  1. Ken Zwaschka says:

    Ted Wheeler suggested you as friend on facebook. It looks you do important and interesting work. I am interested updates on your activies.

    (aka “old bald white guy”
    Lived in inner NE Portland for over 40 years.

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